Robotic Demolition Robots

Our machines are second to none and are of the highest quality. We carry a full range of spare parts and have our mechanic on most projects.

Robotic Arm

Our extraordinary demolition robotic arm is designed to demolish refractory much faster and easier than by hand.

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We have a wide range of Robotic Demolition Robots to cover all your needs.

Robotic Demolition Services

Servicing the Australian and New Zealand market, we specialise in all types of refractory, confined space and construction demolition work including kilns, furnaces roasters, and more. R.D.S has a great reputation for robotic demolition because we ensure our projects run on time without breakdowns or any safety issues. Our machines are second to none and are of the highest quality. We carry a full range of spare parts and have an experienced robotic Mechanic available on most projects. Our wide range of Demolition Robots include the Brokk 50, 90, 100, 110, 120D, 160, 180, 260, 400 and the Husqvarna DXR 300. Attachments we have are the crusher, bucket, hammer and we also have the robotic arm. We currently have over 20 demolition robots in our fleet throughout Australia and New Zealand and have over 10 experienced Robotic Demolition Operators.
If you have a project that you think may require our robotic demolition robots, we can help you with the best methodology at the best costs and time frame.

Why choose our services?

At R.D.S we aim to service and supply the latest technology in equipment and highly experience operators to ensure all projects are completed safely with minimal manual handling reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.

Industries we service but are not limited to are the following:

  • Refractory Lime
  • Cement Confined Spaces
  • Aluminium Smelter Copper
  • Glass Iron Ore
  • Mineral Sands Construction
  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Power
  • Zinc

Hiday Motors needed to build a brand new 28,000 sf facility that would both meet our needs and comply with GMs standards - which seemed daunting, to say the least. Industify alleviated all of our concerns and communicated with us every step of the way. We have received dozens of compliments from our customers, and our employees love the new store!

Steve Lehman

CEO of Hiday Motors.