The Brokk 50 is the smallest model, yet still powerful and efficient. It is able to safely perform demolition work in compact, confined spaces where small-scale maintenance and refurbishing work is required in areas with narrow entrances and spaces, or unsteady floors and surfaces. It’s extremely lightweight, modest and capable design featuring four outriggers, makes transportation and stability of the Brokk 50 effortless, allowing it to manoeuvre up and down staircases, travel on passenger elevators and load onto trailers or transport with restricted capacity.

The Brokk 90 is largely known for its’ extreme versatility in a wide range of restricted areas where demolition is required. The flexibility, power and dynamic range of tools allows for the Brokk 90 to be highly effective in residential, commercial and industrial work environments, especially in the metal processing industry, or in areas where load limitations apply. The 90’s compact and malleable package provides for ease of transport, and an effective delivery of light to medium-duty work in a wide range of spaces.

The Brokk 100 offers many upgraded features, making it one of the most capable models from the Brokk range. The 100 displays increased versatility, reduced weight and transport height, and 35% improved hitting power, proving that it can perform highly in all light and medium-duty demolition work you require. Alike the smaller-scale model Brokk’s, the 100 is likewise adaptable to confined spaces and load restrictions, due to its’ ability to fold and compact, so that its’ size can be reduced to fit all areas. Its’ increased power and compressed size enables the 100 to be suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial work environments.

The Brokk 110 is undeniably the most intelligent, adaptable and powerful model, as it features an intelligent and hardened electrical system known as Brokk SmartPower™. The reinforced design allows for 50% more power than the Brokk 90, and 15% more power than the Brokk 100, in which its’ cooling capacity is greatly effective, ensuring that all jobs are finished quickly without disruption. Alike the smaller models, the 110 can be conformed into a compact size, allowing for it to fit and climb in a multitude of spaces. Its’ upgraded technology and performance make the 110 a perfect option for all residential, commercial and industrial work environments.

The Brokk 120D is identifiably one of the world’s smallest diesel driven demolition robots, making it an ease to manoeuvre through entrances and tight spaces, as it runs cordless. Its’ improved rugged electrical system, cordless control and powerful diesel engine allows for the 120D to run for a minimum of 8 hours, without sacrificing any power, which makes it the perfect Brokk for tough work sites that lack reliable power sources.

The Brokk 160 displays a large increase in size compared to smaller models, however it is still identifiably lightweight design with an astounding electric motor, powerful enough to hit over 406 joules. Though the large size and hitting capacity, the 160 is highly safe, as the digital remote control allows the operator to have full control of the unit from a secure working distance. These features make the 160 an effective and safe means of demolition for all medium to heavy-duty work within the construction, cement, mining, tunnelling, metal processing and nuclear industries.

The Brokk 180 is the perfect representation of an all-round, inimitable machine, as this model features great versatility, adjustable track width and low-profile power. The 180 can hit at a strength of 406 joules, despite its’ low-profile, compact design, in which the tracks can be reduced to 780mm, allowing for it to fit through tough to access entrances. With safety in mind, alike all models, 4 outriggers are easily able to be released once the machine is in position, allowing for a great level of stability. These exceptional features make the Brokk 180 a suitable option for all medium to heavy demolition and debricking work within kilns, ladles, furnaces and cement, construction or processing industries.

The Brokk 260 is remarkably versatile and practicable for majority of demolition jobs, making it the most demanded model out of the Brokk range. Its’ safe design, reliable technology, accessibility and exceptional hitting power up to 610 joules makes the 260 an outstanding machine for its’ size to weight ratio. Thus, the reliability and practicality of this machine makes it suitable for all light to heavy demolition works for construction applications and the cement or process industries.

The Brokk 400 is undeniably robust and capable, due to its’ astonishingly hard-hitting ability, upsize scale and high production capacity. With a reach of almost 7 meters and an entire 360-degree turning radius, the 400 can access and handle any work area, despite its’ size. The Brokk 400 is designed for heavy-duty work, that requires upmost speed and accuracy for removing densley reinforced concrete vaults and foundations in a number of industries including the mining, cement and processing.

The Husqvarna DXR 300 is undeniably one of the most capable demolition robots, with high hitting force featuring 22 kW of power and superb weight to power ratio. This allows for precise positioning, versatility and ease of entering all normal doorways, as the DXR 300 is only 78cm wide. Combined with a variety of tools and enhanced safety and protection features, the DXR 300 is the perfect machine for all light to heavy demolition work within the construction and process industry.